About us


Who we are


KH Landscape Architects was established in 1998 and have specialised experience in recreation planning and environmental rehabilitation.


Karien Hanekom is the founder and Principal Landscape Architect at KH Landscape Architects. She holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture and is registered as a Professional Landscape Architect with the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession (SACLAP).


The firm specialises in the following aspects of landscape architecture


  • master planning for recreational parks,
  • nature reserves and resorts;
  • recreational and open space planning;
  • ecological planning and rehabilitation projects
  • commercial landscape design for office parks and shopping centres
  • site development plans


KH Landscape Architects frequently  collaborate with specialists and other professionals to form multi-disciplinary teams for large-scale projects.


KH Landscape Architects also  engage with sub-consultants on an as-and-when basis to add capacity to the firm, should a project’s scope and size require it.


Company profile and CVs are available on request