Rehabilitation Projects

KH Landscape Architects have been involved in a number of landscape rehabilitation projects as part of river rehabilitation, river re-naturalisation and engineered wetland projects.

Locality: Zola, Soweto
Client: City of Johannesburg and Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo
Budget: R20 million (phase 1 & 2)
Completion date: January 2014

Brief description
The project comprised the ecological planning and rehabilitation of the Zola Wetland in Soweto, commencing with a status quo assessment, EIA authorisation and Water Use License applications. The brief required the provision of a pedestrian crossing over the wetland to link Zola South and Zola North with each other, stream and stormwater channel rehabilitation improving the connectivity of the stream channel with the surrounding wetland and the provision of recreation facilities on the periphery of the wetland, providing edge treatment and ways for the community to take ownership of the wetland.

Locality: Killarney Country Club, Johannesburg
Client: Melrose Arch Development Company
Completion date: February 2016 

Brief description

Rehabilitation landscaping in basin 2, created for stormwater attenuation in the Sandspruit, flowing through the Killarney Country Club in Johannesburg. Planting palette focused on indigenous, wetland and water-loving plants for stabilisation and seasonal colour.

Locality: Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg
Client: Klaprops 193 (Pty) Ltd

Brief description

Conceptual landscape designs and planting palettes for the development of a modified, engineered wetland in a residential development, allowing for stormwater to flow through Randpark Ridge extension 126 as an open bioswale with gabion steps, and exit into a tributary of the Klein Juksei River. Documentation of the modified wetland and flood plain that should be protected from development on Randpark Ridge extension 105.