Local Open Space Plan for Atteridgeville & Saulsville

Locality City of Tshwane municipal area
Client City of Tshwane
Budget planning only – no implementation budget
Completion date Local Open Space Plan for Atteridgeville & Saulsville: December 2008

Brief description
Local Open Space Plans are a refinement of the Tshwane Open Space Framework (TOSF), dealing with localised issues and a finer classification of open space typologies as identified in the TOSF.

Local Open Space Plans were developed after a detailed status quo assessment of all public and private open space areas in each study area. Open space areas were classified into typologies for which guidelines were developed, providing recommendations for design elements, boundary treatment, stormwater management, landscape design criteria and response to adjacent development sites.

The Local Open Space Plans also developed linkages between open space areas using corridors – ecological and movement (vehicular and pedestrian), to formulate an Open Space Network in each area. The data was captured on the City of Tshwane GIS database and for the more recent LOSPS, the guidelines for each typology were linked to the GIS database with hyperlinks, providing a more interactive tool for decision-making.

During stakeholder participation, priorities for development and implementation were workshopped and agreed to with ward councillors of each area.

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