Commercial projects

Landscape design for commercial projects focuses on the selection of appropriate plants to compliment the architectural style of each project. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) principles such as rain gardens and artificial wetlands in stormwater attenuation ponds are included in the design where possible. The focus is on utilising water-wise indigenous plants as far as possible, while designing clean, uncluttered landscapes.

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Locality: Northgate, Johannesburg
Client: One Triple L (Pty) Ltd
Budget: R 1,6 million
Contractor: Plantwise
Completion date: Early 2018 (phase 1 and 2 completed)

Brief description

Indigenous and hardy, water-wise plants were selected for the residential development, providing seasonal colour at the entrance and in private gardens.

Locality: Lanseria, Johannesburg
Client: Amari Land
Budget: Estimate R7,5 million
Completion date: on hold

Brief description
Landscape design focuses on sustainable urban drainage system principles and requirements for Green Star Rating.
Wetland rehabilitation aims at reinstating wetlands on the periphery of the site as well as creating an artificial wetland as part of the stormwater management system for the project.

Locality: Kengies, Johannesburg
Client: Reeflords (Pty) Ltd
Budget: R1,3 million
Completion date: 2015

Brief description
Landscape design for a residential development including entrance feature design, design of a park, clubhouse gardens, internal common areas as well as designs for all internal private gardens.

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