Inner City Parks Public Participation

Locality: Region F, Johannesburg
Client: Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo
Budget: multi-year budget for construction : to be confirmed
Completion date: June 2018

Brief description

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) identified four parks for upgrading using a multi-year budget from 2017 until 2020, located in Ward 58 ad 59, Region F. Three parks in Jan Hofmeyr, ward 58 and Joubert Park in the CBD of Johannesburg are included in the process. Two further parks in ward 58 were identified for needs assessment only, to enable future planning by JCPZ.

KH Landscape Architects is appointed to coordinate Public Participation for needs assessment as part of the design development process, working in collaboration with Ikamva Consulting and Blueprint Landscape Architecture.

KH Landscape Architects compiled the needs assessments, scored the needs / wish lists and prepared project reports on each park for the client. The needs / wish lists were used during the design development by Blueprint Landscape Architecture. Designs for the three parks in Jan Hofmeyr were presented to the community for approval, prior to commencing with the procurement process for a successful contactor.

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