Paterson Park, Norwood

Recently Completed

Norwood, Johannesburg
Client: Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo
Budget: R 8 million (phase 1 & 2)
Contractor: Endemic Developments 
Completion date: June 2018

Brief description

The Paterson Park upgrading compliments a stormwater channel daylighting and re-naturalisation project by the Johannesburg Development Agency that transformed the park into a new and exciting recreation facility.

The park upgrading funded by Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo comprised of two components, namely Short Road Park on the north-western side of the precinct and Paterson Park around the new natural stormwater channel.

Recreation facilities in Paterson Park include two children’s play areas, and outdoor gym areas, a circular walkway crossing the new naturalised stormwater channel with two pedestrian bridges and a walkway linking Short Road with Paterson Park.

Short Road Park involved a major clean-up and removal of alien invasive vegetation to double the usable space in the park while retaining large existing trees, the development of a toddler pay area, a play area for older children and an outdoor gym area.

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