Stretford ext 6 Park, Orange Farm

Locality Stretford, Orange Farm, City of Johannesburg
Client Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo
Budget Phase 1 R 917,000 incl VAT; completed September 2009
Phase 2 R 1,67 million incl VAT; completed September 2010
Phase 3 R 3,4 million incl VAT; completed December 2011
Phase 4 R 2,28 million incl VAT; completed October 2012

Brief description

The upgrading of an existing park in Stretford, Orange Farm was undertaken over four phases.

  • Phase 1 entailed the upgrading and expansion of existing play areas as implementation of rubber surfaces under the play equipment, repairs to existing seating walls and implementation of indigenous game panels and installation of a tarred surface for an existing basketball court
  • Phase 2 entailed the implementation of paved walkways.
  • Phase 3 entailed the implementation of a boundary fence, planting avenues of trees along the walkways, the construction of an ablution building, expansion of children’s play areas with additional equipment, implementation of a sand surfaced mini soccer field and sand-surfaced volley ball field, provision of an outdoor giant chess board and construction of a climbing wall and an informal off-street parking area.
  • Phase 4 included the upgrading of the soccer field to a five-a-side artificial turf soccer field, the surfacing of the volley ball field and parking area and development of a picnic area near the soccer field as well as increasing shade trees and doubling the avenues of trees along the walkways.

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